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Our overhead and operating expenses are fully funded, so 100% of your donation will go toward providing access to therapy for someone who cannot afford it.


100% of your donations are used to help individuals who are facing financial difficulties to access therapy.

Individuals share their experience and journey with therapy, you are able to keep track of people’s accomplishments via their ID number which is provided to you when you make a donation.

Any support you can provide whether that is time, awareness or monetary donations is always appreciated. We can accept physical items that can be used for fundraising also, as well as stock or other financial donations. If you want to donate anything other than money, please contact info@overtfoundation.org 

Yes, our website does allow you to set up a recurring (monthly) donation.

You can view our donor policy here: DONOR POLICY

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One in five American adults struggle with some form of mental health challenge. Despite being readily available and highly effective, half of them go without treatment. For many, treatment is not financially viable.

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