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Sharing your experience with mental, emotional, & relational wellness provides inspiration and support for others

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At the Overt Foundation, we believe that being open with ourselves and others is part of the healing and self-fulfillment journey. By sharing our stories with others, we can grow stronger and also inspire others to be better as well.

Yes, when you share your story you can elect to only display your first name or initials so that you remain anonymous. We encourage people to share with their name, but you can do whatever makes you feel comfortable.

There are many people that come to our website and read the stories and articles that are posted. A lot of these people may be struggling with mental, emotional, & relational wellness challenges as well and these stories can be a source of inspiration for them

You can describe your past experiences with mental, emotional, & relational wellness, what has helped you, the people that have helped you, where you are in your journey, and also where you hope to be in the future. Feel free to write about what makes your journey unique.

We encourage everyone to share their personal story, but we also have options for people to share their specific coping mechanisms for mental, emotional, & relational struggles, how to help a loved one or friend that is going through a difficult time, and also your personal experience with therapy.

We would encourage people not to include any details that are too graphic. We would also ask that you do not post any offense language. This includes racist or sexist remarks as well as profanity and other inappropriate language.

Your story can be as long as you would like it to be. If you want to write just one paragraph, you can. If it ends up being 10 pages that is also okay!

Yes, you can edit your story later.